About Us

Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1988. As an approved independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. meets the highest performance standards in Southern Riverside County. We offer a variety of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) products to fit your needs. Our staff has extensive knowledge on a variety of systems, but being an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, we know that “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane”. We are fully qualified to help you select the comfort system that best fits your home and your budget.

We want to make your comfort system a work of “Art”! At Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. we pride ourselves on treating our clients like family. The company President, Art, completes all estimates personally. He and his team have been in this industry for over 35 years.

Our Standard

When it comes to keeping you comfortable in your home or office, our main priority at Castillo Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is meeting your family’s needs. We’ve established processes that keep our standard of professionalism at the highest level. Starting with our customer service on the initial call, to the diagnostic and estimating process, all the way through to completing repairs and installations. Some of those processes include pulling permits for every job, as required by law, and meeting all requirements for Title 24 Code to comply with the State of California energy codes.

Before every comfort system installation, we perform a complete load calculation to determine the proper capacity of the equipment to be installed. This calculation provides the most accurate size unit that your home requires to operate at its best, most efficient performance. After the comfort system installation is completed, we document and perform a thorough commissioning of your system. This process ensures that the system and its components are tested, designed, and installed properly according to its designed efficiency requirement.

Being an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealer, we send out surveys after every comfort system installation to ensure customer satisfaction. While we are committed to maintain a level of 92% to stay active in the Trane Comfort Specialist™ program, we have achieved an average of 98% for nearly a decade.

These practices guarantee that you have chosen a company that is rated among the top ten percent in the HVAC industry. We will always strive to keep this standard of professionalism continuous for as long as we are in business. You can rest assured that our dedicated team has tested and proven themselves as professionals and individuals who excel in our field.

Please visit the link to see that we are registered with the California State License Board.

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