We do have diagnostic consultation fees that are based on a variety of factors. However, if your repairs are made by a trained Castillo Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc field HVAC technician OR you purchase one of our maintenance packages, we will waive the diagnostic fee. Please contact our office for more details.


There are many circumstances that can cause a system not to work properly. In order to determine the root cause, we perform an in-home complete system analysis to diagnose the problem. Once the issues are determined, we will offer you a complete assessment of repairs along with the cost and any recommendations needed to ensure that your system will operate more efficiently.

It is very common that with older systems (10 years +) the repair costs become so expensive, that the option of replacing or upgrading the system may be your best solution. This is an example of some of the recommended options we will provide you with after diagnosing your system issues. With Trane’s lineup of high efficiency equipment, it may be wiser to replace an old, inefficient system than to continue making expensive repairs. These systems typically pay themselves off in time just in energy savings alone. Whether you choose to repair or replace your existing system, we will assist you throughout the process.